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texts 78
Input-output tables United States. 9
Investments, Foreign United States Statistics. 8
Investments, Foreign United States States Statistics Periodicals. 7
Manufacturing processes United States Statistics. 5
- 4
Input-output analysis United States Handbooks, manuals, etc. 3
Investments, American Statistics. 3
National income United States Accounting. 3
Capital United States Statistics. 2
Commercial products United States Classification Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2
Corporations, Foreign United States Statistics. 2
Economic indicators New York (State) Periodicals. 2
Economic indicators Pennsylvania Periodicals. 2
Economic indicators West Virginia Periodicals. 2
Industries United States. 2
Balance of payments Handbooks, manuals, etc. 1
Balance of payments United States. 1
Capital investments United States. 1
Commercial products United States Classification. 1
Commercial products United States Statistics. 1
Economic indicators Delaware Periodicals. 1
Economic indicators New Jersey Periodicals. 1
Economic indicators Ohio Periodicals. 1
Economic surveys. 1
Income United States Mathematical models. 1
Income United States States Statistics. 1
Income United States Statistics Methodology. 1
Income United States Statistics. 1
Industrial statistics. 1
International business enterprises. 1
Investments, American Statistics Periodicals. 1
Investments, Foreign. 1
Labor supply United States History Statistics. 1
Military weapons Prices United States. 1
National income United States Accounting Statistics. 1
National income United States. 1
Working class United States Statistics. 1